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Why HeySportsFans Fantasy Football Is More Fun

Fantasy Football League Consumer Guide

Unlimited FREE Trades All Season. Stop losing to guys who can afford to buy their way to the top. Other contests charge for trades and roster moves at upwards of $2 - $10 a pop. Yep, they've got your credit card number and every time you start a different player at tight end...cha-ching! Another couple bucks in their pockets. At HeySportsFans, it's one low entry fee with nothing more to buy. May the best fantasy player win, not the one with the deepest pockets.

Lots and Lots of Winners. At least half of all teams win, guaranteed! Not like the mega-sites where there's hundreds of thousands of players scrapping over "one grand prize and a bunch of t-shirts." In addition to overall season prizes, there's also weekly league prizes. Plus very generous prize payouts, up to 90%. How much does your current league give back? If you're not sure, maybe you should ask.

It's Fast & Easy. Play in just minutes a week. Perfect if you're a casual player, have a busy schedule or are already playing in other fantasy leagues. It's a game, not a new part-time job. Try our
league demo and see for yourself how quickly you can make trades and get stats.

No Draft, No Salary Cap. Why should only one person per league get to cheer for that stud quarterback? Pick your favorite players without worrying about their "salary" or a catastrophic season-ending injury. We believe fantasy sports should enhance your enjoyment of the games, not be an exercise in higher math, complex trade negotiations or inner-league personalities. At HeySportsFans the focus is on the action on the field.

FREE Real-Time Stats. Team owners of at least one Premium or High Stake team enjoy free real-time stats for the entire season. Follow the action, hour by hour, day by day, and know how your team's doing immediately! Budget team owners may purchase access to real-time stats for a nominal fee.

Defense and Special Teams. It's half the game and yet it's something contest after contest completely ignores. In real life this is where championships are won. The same is true in all HeySportsFans games. That interception return for a touchdown? Big points.

Become A HeySportsFans Bounty Hunter

Earn $5 for every new player you get to sign up for HeySportsFans Fantasy Football. Learn more about our Fantasy Football Bounty Hunter Program here.

How I Taught My Mom To Play Fantasy Football

If you're new to fantasy football be sure to read How I Taught My Mom To Play Fantasy Football. It includes practical tips for beginners and lots of tongue-in-cheek humor experienced players will appreciate. And it's all based on a true story!

Even if you choose to play elsewhere, we invite you to view our free Fantasy Football League Consumer Guide. Included are inside tips and hidden secrets intended to help you get the best value for your fantasy league buck. These simple guidelines could save you from forfeiting hundreds or thousands of dollars in prize money at the end of the season! A must read.

What Our Players Have To Say

"HeySportsFans is my favorite fantasy league ever. The friendly service and the free trades will keep me here for years to come. I love you guys!" Leslie S.

"This fantasy game is just plain out awesome. It ranks higher than all the other leagues that I've played. The free trades every week just keeps you wanting to play more. This game is addicting!" Ryan O.

"Not many leagues tell you the whole story before you start, and before you know it, it ends up costing a fortune. HeySportsFans is the real deal!!!! Great job guys!!!!! Timothy C.

"I have played many fantasy sports and HSF is the best. You're organized, dependable and a lot of fun." Bill D.

"HeySportsFans pays out their prizes in an honest and timely manner. I know, because I've won twice." William T.

"I really like the fact that you can change your entire lineup every week if you want at no additional cost. When you play in a "money" league the tendency is to stop making moves once you get too far behind. However, with this league you always have a chance to make up some ground in the standings without spending more $$$." Anthony C.

"HeySportsFans is the best by far. If you're into fantasy sports this is the one." Raymond L.

"How can you play anywhere else? It's the best damm fantasy game period." Chris J.

You're Invited To Join The Fun!

We invite you to explore HeySportsFans, test drive our Free League Demo, look at the stats of other games in progress, and find the fantasy football league that best fits your interests. Bookmark our site, go visit the other guys and do a hard feature-by-feature comparison. We know you'll be back to join the hundreds of HeySportsFans players that come back game after game, year after year for competitive fantasy sports fun. If you're not sure HeySportsFans is for you, sign up for our Fantasy Play4Free contest. It will give you a feel for the style of play we offer.

If you have any questions, feel free to
contact us. Prompt, friendly, personal customer service is a big part of what we offer all our players. Enjoy and have a terrific fantasy football season!

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